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Thirty-seven women in Northwest Clarendon have received supplies to start their own chicken ventures, under a Ministry of Agriculture and Land-funded income generating project.
The supplies, which include 50 chickens and five bags of feed each, were handed out at a ceremony held on Friday (Sept. 29) at the Spaulding United Church Hall.
Member of Parliament for the constituency, Richard Azan, told JIS News that programme was designed to “assist women, especially those who are single parents, to help them make a living.”
He informed that about 120 women in Northwest Clarendon have benefited under the initiative, which started some two years ago, with some 6,000 chickens distributed. “The first batch of about 40 beneficiaries received their chickens and feed in April this year. Others have gotten between then and now.and in all, about 120 women have benefited so far,” he stated.
According to Mr. Azan, “this programme has cost approximately $500,000 so far and we’re very happy for the collaborative effort that is in place with the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) and other agencies to have this programme on the ground.”
Meanwhile, he informed that a training session would be held on October 10 for the beneficiaries, involving resource persons from the Ministry of Health, RADA and Jamaica Broilers. The training will provide information on the care and management of the birds, proper waste disposal, among other things.
Pauline Smith-Stone, Acting Deputy Parish Manager at RADA, advised the beneficiaries to “carry out sustainable farming and management practices. Use the money that you earn to replenish your stock and have your business grow. It is over the long-run, after you have begun to make some profit, that you should consider repairing the house and other things.”
She said that apart from assisting with training, RADA would provide extension services including site visits and inspections.
Myrtle Cohen, a beneficiary from the Sanguinetti community, told JIS News that she was happy to be among the beneficiaries.
“I’m very happy and very grateful to have received these chickens and feed today. This is my first time doing so and I’m looking forward to establishing and expanding my chicken rearing business,” she said.

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