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MONTEGO BAY – The Housing Agency of Jamaica (HAJ) took its land titling programme to Duanvale, Trelawny, where it handed over 35 titles last Thursday (June 13).

Senior Manager with the HAJ, Simone Rattray, urged residents to build a strong community organization that can lobby on their behalf to access benefits from the National Housing Trust (NHT) and other agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).

“There is greatness within and around you, which you need to leverage. As property owners, you must leverage the opportunity to establish strong, unified and formalized community groups to lobby NGOs and other stakeholders to help in the further development of your communities,” she said, while addressing a ceremony at the Duanvale Primary School.

She informed that of the 82 lots in the community, 72 persons have already completed their sales agreement. “We encourage the remaining 10 allottees to come forward and also benefit from this excellent Government programme, so you can be empowered,” MS. Rattray said.

Mayor of Falmouth, Councillor Garth Wilkinson, expressed pleasure at the fact that another set of residents in the parish were receiving their titles. He urged them to focus on seeing that organized development takes place in the area.

The Mayor also encouraged residents to pay their property taxes so that the Trelawny Parish Council will be able to better serve them. He pointed out that the taxes go toward the collection of garbage and street lighting.

In the meantime, Councillor for the Sherwood Content Division, Telka Holt, urged the residents to be good neighbours who look out for each other’s welfare. She also pledged to work with the new community in renaming the area and the streets.

“That little rock that you have, you have a responsibility to build a home. It is where you are going to put your children …. Take care of that little spot; ensure that the trees are not overgrown anymore…. The zinc fences, we don’t put up those in that community. Please read your titles carefully and abide by what is stated there, and the requirements of how your community should be,” the Councillor said.


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