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The Electoral Office Jamaica (EOJ) is reporting that more than 33,300 Election Day workers, Military and Police officers will be voting on August 21.
Speaking with JIS News, Director of the EOJ, Danville Walker said that all attempts were being made to contact the relevant persons as they would not be permitted to vote after the stipulated date.
“As a precaution, the EOJ has been calling the over 25,000 election day workers to let them know that their names have been extracted from the general list.informing these persons where and when they should vote,” Mr. Walker said.
For those persons who are yet to receive post cards indicating their polling stations, Mr. Walker advised that they should check with their Postal Agencies or Post Offices by August 18.
He indicated that so far some 1.3 million post cards detailing when and where persons should vote had been mailed. In the case of election workers, the military and the police, he said that arrangements were made with local Postal Agencies for a smooth flow of mail in order for them to receive the information on time.
In the meantime, Mr. Walker is encouraging persons who are Election Day workers to call their returning officers to find out if their names are off the general list, as “the challenge being faced by the EOJ right now is that some of the Election Day workers are still on that list.”
Some 50 polling stations across the island will be open on August 21 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. to facilitate voting.

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