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Thirty-three projects have so far been registered with the Portland Labour Day Committee as the communities prepare to put work into Labour Day on Monday, May 23.
Ralph Falloon, coordinator of the parish’s Labour Day projects, said the registered activities include drain and road cleaning, tree planting, painting and beautification of schools and community amenities, road repairs, the painting of pedestrian crossings, the restoration of street signs and the construction of playfields.
The parish project is the refurbishing of the Mill Bank community centre to serve as an emergency shelter in the event of a disaster. He noted that the community was without such a facility.
Mr. Falloon said the Labour Day Committee was pleased at the support being shown by the residents and expressed gratitude to the business community for contributing to the projects.
He informed that the Portland Parish Council, the National Works Agency, the Forestry Department, among other agencies, would be lending support to the day’s activities, while a special committee had been appointed to oversee the parish project.
Mr. Falloon encouraged citizens to offer their support to community projects even after Labour Day.
Labour Day 2005 is being observed under the theme: “Prepare for Disaster, Recover Faster”.

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