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Programmes being undertaken by the Ministry of Transport and Works to improve road safety have been boosted through a $31.7 million allocation.
As contained in the Estimates of Expenditure now before the House of Representatives, $13 million will go to the Island Traffic Authority (ITA) to carry out necessary work, as it seeks to upgrade the working environment and physical facilities at examination depots. The funds will also help with the provision of weigh scales.
The Road Traffic and Safety Programme is to receive an $8.3 million boost in the new fiscal year to continue to plan, design and develop an adequate, safe and efficient road network and transportation system.
In addition, $10.4 million has been set aside for works relating to secondary roads across the island. These are the network of roads linking secondary towns and other commercial centres to the main arterial road system, and comprise 692 kilometres, including bridges, culverts, and associated structures.
Due to the volume of traffic using these roads, they require maintenance standards that are similar to those applied to arterial roads, which link parish capitals.

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