JIS News

Some 30 communities have been affected by flooding in Clarendon due to torrential rains associated with Hurricane Wilma, which has affected the island over the past week.
Acting Parish Disaster Coordinator at the Clarendon Parish Council, Rowhan Blake told JIS News yesterday (Oct. 18) that the majority of the affected communities were located in the southern and central parts of the parish.
“We have approximately 30 communities reporting flooding in the Clarendon area. These are basically in the May Pen region and southern sections of the parish. Approximately eight shelters are open. We have confirmed about 78 persons in the Halse Hall Basic School,” he informed.
“We have supplied relief supplies to that area and we are working to supply the other shelters. Basically this is one of our worst disasters in recent times but we’re working assiduously to control the effects of the flooding and we’re asking those persons in low lying areas, if you’ve not moved to a shelter to do so immediately,” Mr. Blake said.
The affected communities include: Osbourne Store; Rock River; Anderson Drive; Bushy Park Gardens; Hayes; Harris Street; Sandy Bay; Hazard Drive; Portland Cottage; Palmers Cross; Race Course; Four Paths and Four Paths Settlement; Clifton, Comfort; York Town; Sheckles; Havana Heights; Sedge Pond; Kemps Hill; Tollgate; Gimme me Bit; Clarendon Gardens; Kennedy Grove; Salt River Road; Mineral Heights; West Park; and Omni Mews.