$28.2 Million To Implement Capacity Building In Competition Policy

A sum of $28.20 million has been allotted in the 2007/08 Estimates of Expenditure, to implement the Capacity Building in Competition Policy in the Ministry of Industry, Technology, Energy and Commerce.
As set out in the Estimates, which are now before the House of Representatives, the project aims to: enhance competition in the Jamaican economy by strengthening the capacity of the Fair Trading Commission; effectively enhance competition policy; and better inform economic actors about the criteria and importance of competitive markets. As of December 2006, the Capacity Building Competition Policy has conducted in-house seminars to allow for other members of staff to benefit from the information acquired; upgrading of the Commission’s workflow management system; acquisition of reference materials related to antitrust issues; hosting of the seventh Shirley Playfair lecture; and the publication and issue of the 2005 annual newsletter in January of 2006.
The anticipated targets for the policy include: five visits each by the Competition Law and Network Specialist consultant; attendance and participation in four conferences or workshops by seven members of staff; implementation of the prepared communication strategy, inclusive of publications in the newspapers and annual newsletters, as well as convening seminars for judges; and upgrading the Fair Trading Commission’s website.
The Capacity Building Competition Policy is being funded by the Multi- lateral Investment Fund Grant and is scheduled for completion in March of 2008.

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