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The Hurricane Dean Rehabilitation project of the Ministry of Transport and Works, has received a boost of $250 million in the Estimates of Expenditure, currently before the House of Representatives.
Funded by the Caribbean Development Bank, the objective of the project is to complete the rehabilitation works and undertake 90 per cent of the sea defence works along the Palisadoes Peninsula.
The initiative, which commenced in March 2008, and is scheduled to last until March 2010, has, to date, seen emergency protection works undertaken and design for the works completed and drawings commenced.
Targets initially envisioned included: completion of design works on the Palisadoes Peninsula; establishing sea defence; and completing road rehabilitation on Port Royal Street, Palisadoes Road, and May Pen to Soursop Turn.
It is anticipated that for 2009/10, emergency protection works along the Palisadoes Peninsula will be completed.

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