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A preliminary estimate of damage done to farms in Portland, as a result of last month’s heavy rains, has been put at $24.5 million.
Crawford Clarke, Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) Parish Manager for Portland, told JIS News that the crops most affected were vegetables, condiments, ground provision, plantain, carrots and corn.
He also noted that losses were suffered in livestock production, with 25,000 chickens, 80 goats and 70 pigs destroyed, adding that a total of 25 kilometres of farm roads in the parish were badly damaged due to flooding and landslides.
Mr. Clarke said that the worst hit areas were the Rio Grande Valley area of Eastern Portland and the communities of Dumphries, Hart Hill and Windsor Castle in the western section of the parish.
He noted that the final estimate would not be determined until reports from all affected farmers in the parish have been received by his office.
The Parish Manager pointed out that the damage and losses involved represented a major setback to the farming sector in Portland, adding that agricultural production was doing very well prior to the disaster.
Mr. Clarke said that RADA would be working closely with the affected farmers to ensure that the farms are put back in production as early as possible.

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