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Some 9,000 residents of 15 communities in Eastern Hanover are soon to benefit from more reliable supply of potable water.

The Government of Jamaica, through the National Water Commission (NWC), is undertaking a $225 million project for the construction of the Cascade/Claremont/Jericho supply system, which will ensure ample supply to residents of the hilly districts, which are currently served by an inadequate and intermittent scheme.

It is to be completed over 13 months and the major components include:

Interconnection into the existing Great River to Lucea water supply at Paradise

Construction of new re-lift station at Paradise and Retrieve with 30,000-gallon storage tanks

Installation of 2.2 kilometres of pipeline from Paradise to German Hill

Construction of a 100,000-gallon tank at German Hill

Installation of transmission pipelines between German Hill and Retrieve, Retrieve and Cascade, and another connecting Claremont and Retrieve

Installation of 18 kilometres of distribution pipelines to serve the various districts

Installation of a 250,000-gallon storage tank at Cascade; and as well as related civil works

Minister of Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change, Hon. Robert Pickersgill, on Friday (February 1), signed a $20.3 million contract with Share Con Limited for the pipe laying component of the project.

At the signing ceremony held at his Dominica Drive office in New Kingston, Minister Pickersgill informed that the contract will provide for the complete construction, testing, flushing, sterilisation and commissioning into service of approximately 2,850 metres of transmission pipeline from the Great River to the Lucea bulk transmission mains in the vicinity of Paradise.

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