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Minister of Agriculture and Lands, Roger Clarke, has said that some 200 titles would be handed over to beneficiaries in St. Catherine next month, under the Land Administration and Management Programme (LAMP).
The handing over ceremony will be held on November 8 at the Dinthill Technical High School in the parish.The Agriculture Minister, who made the announcement yesterday (Oct. 24), at a press briefing held at his Hope Gardens offices, informed that “this is only the first set of titles that have been generated from an exercise in which, using advanced technology, we surveyed some 29,000 parcels of land in St. Catherine”.
He noted that the target “is to deliver some 4,000 titles from this programme at significantly reduced cost to beneficiaries, courtesy of the relief granted under the Special Provision Act of 2005.”
On another matter, Minister Clarke informed that the Probate Unit of the National Land Agency (NLA), was undertaking an islandwide education programme to inform persons on how they could access land settlement lots allocated to their deceased relatives.
According to Minister Clarke, many original purchasers or allottees of government land settlements have died without certificates of titles being vested in their names. As a consequence, he noted, “the Commissioner of Lands has titles that cannot be transferred because these beneficiaries do not have the legal standing to enable them to receive these titles”.
There are approximately 1,500 titles in the name of the Commissioner of Lands, which are to be issued to the estate of deceased allottees. Some 350 of these are already in the name of allottees, who are now deceased, Minister Clarke informed.
The Probate Unit, he said, will provide legal services and assistance to these persons in applying for the necessary grants of admission, so as to enable the Commissioner of Lands to issue titles to these beneficiaries.
“I appeal to beneficiaries to take full advantage of this opportunity as land tenure is the key to unlocking your economic potential,” said Mr. Clarke, noting that the Unit had carried out a pilot project in Golden Valley, St. Thomas last November, which was well received.
The Probate Unit is a department within the Corporate Legal Services Division of the NLA.

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