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The $20 million Askenish to Dias water supply project in Hanover was officially commissioned into service by Minister of Water and Housing, Dr. Horace Chang, on Thursday (Jan. 23).
The project, which was initiated in January 2008, involved the laying of 3.9 kilometers of 150-millimeter ductile iron pipeline from Askenish to Dias, which will serve approximately 4, 000 residents in Western Hanover. The facility is linked to the major water supply system that serves the north coast area.
Giving the main address at the commissioning ceremony held in the district of Middlesex, Dr. Chang said that the Government was committed to providing basic infrastructure to foster the development of business enterprises and prevent the rural/urban drift.
“If we have basic infrastructure, that is, road, light and water, in adequate supplies throughout the parish, then you can get an expansion of small businesses, of quality businesses run by Jamaicans, operated by Jamaicans that can provide the kind of value-added (that is needed) in this parish,” Dr. Chang stated.
“It also means that we can attract higher quality investments in the parish,” he argued further.
Citing the recent construction of a new hotel near Lucea, Dr. Chang said “the availability of a dependable and consistent water supply has made that investment possible”.
“So water is one of the critical components to laying the foundation for successful sustainable development,” he stated.

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