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A new car park, with 39 car spaces, has been officially opened in St. Ann’s Bay, St. Ann, at a cost of some $2 million.
The facility, the first of its type in the parish, being operated by the St. Ann Parish Council, comprises a ticket office and sanitary conveniences, that will facilitate the users, who will find it more convenient while doing business in the town.
Speaking at the official opening on Tuesday (April 20), President of the St. Ann’s Bay Citizens Association, Roland McPherson, said he was pleased that a “dream had become a reality”, pointing out that the town was built in the colonial days when there were horses and buggies, and the streets were narrow, so no parking facility was allowed.
Continuing, he said: “Today the authorities have to be restricting motor vehicles and some 300 taxes which operate in and around St. Ann’s Bay, as more people need to move in and out of the town in an orderly and disciplined manner”.
Encouraging both motorists and pedestrians to abide by rules and regulations and to care for the town, Mr. McPherson urged them to “pay attention to signs, do not stop in inappropriate positions to let off or pick up passengers, and walk with care because brakes can fail”.
During the official opening, Rev. Novelette Headley, Pastor of the St. Ann’s Bay Baptist Churches dedicated the facility, while the cutting of the ribbon was done by Delroy Giscombe, Mayor of the town; and Anthony Castell, Deputy Superintendent of Police for the area, lifted the barrier at the gate.
The opening of the door to the ticket office, as well as the turning on of the lights were done by R. O. Walters, Custos of the parish; while the first user of the facility was Arthur Hosing, Superintendent of Roads and Works, who received the first ticket from Ian Boyd-Brown, Commercial Services Officer.

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