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The Montego Bay Convention Centre project is to benefit from an allocation of $2.67 billion in the 2008/09 Estimates of Expenditure, now before the House, to commence implementation of civil works.
The convention centre, when completed, will provide adequate space for meetings, exhibition and event-type occasions, with indirect employment of approximately 2,300 persons.
It will seek, to generate foreign exchange earnings from indirect spending by delegates, exhibitors and associates. It is further anticipated that the construction of the centre will increase and improve the infrastructure available for convention type activities, and contribute to Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
Funded by the People’s Republic of China in the sum of $1.87 billion and the Government of Jamaica in the sum of $802.2 million, the project, which falls under the Office of the Prime Minister, has up to this month, undertaken soil investigations, vegetation assessment, obtained outline approval from the local parish council, completed 90 per cent of design and obtained approval for sole sourcing method of procurement.
The reduction of Fluctuation in Export Earnings (FLEX) project, also in the Office of the Prime Minister is to receive $128.5 million during this fiscal year, to complete project implementation and administrative functions and award contracts for road works.
The European Union-funded project will, this year, complete implementation of eight road packages. The overall objectives are to rehabilitate some 65 kilometres of flood damaged roads with farming activities in the parishes of St. Ann, St. Thomas, Clarendon, Manchester, St. Elizabeth and St. Catherine. The project will also rehabilitate 20 kilometres of flood-damaged farm roads in the parishes of St. Thomas, St. Elizabeth, St. Catherine, Clarendon and Manchester.

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