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The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries is reporting success in reducing the glut currently plaguing the island's farmers through the recent staging of six Farmers' Markets in Portmore, Kingston, Port Maria, Mandeville, Portland and Montego Bay.

Data from the Rural Agricultural Development Authority, (RADA) shows that 318,150 pounds of produce were sold resulting in earnings in excess of $17m, approximately $5m more when compared to the last staging on March 4. The total value of fresh produce sold amounted to $15m, while packaged products totalled $1.9m.

The highest concentration of purchasers of fresh fruits, vegetables and other ground provisions was once again Portmore having 6,800 consumers; this produced the highest sales figure of $5,500,000, with Kingston and Manchester recording value of $4,000.000 and $2,000,000m respectively.  Of the 291 participating farmers, the highest numbers could be found in Portmore which accounted for 76, followed by Kingston 70, Mandeville 48, and Portland 45, while the remaining 52 farmers conducted business in Montego Bay and Port Maria.

Meanwhile, despite the robust commerce and the quick sale enjoyed by farmers; a change in the Kingston and Portmore venues and slow movement of vegetables such as carrots, cabbage and other items resulted in the extension of both the Kingston and Portmore markets to Saturday and the relocation of some farmers to municipal markets across the island. This action resulted in the sale of another 35,000 lbs of produce.


Issued By: The Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries

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