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A total of 170 teachers have been added to the education system with yesterday’s (Dec.1) graduation ceremony at the Sam Sharpe Teacher’s College in Granville, St. James.
At the ceremony, the teachers were presented with honours, credit and pass certificates in addition to plaques, trophies and gift packages for outstanding performances in their three-year academic and professional training.
Principal of the institution, Dr. Cecile Walden, congratulated the graduates for their achievements, while noting that Sam Sharpe was committed to providing a consistently high standard of training and to motivate student teachers towards academic excellence, self-discipline, and good work ethics.
“Today we pause to reflect on our mission as a teacher-training institution and to celebrate the many successes. Indeed heights of excellence we have attained within the last 30 years and more particularly in the last year,” she said.
The principal urged the graduates, as they began the critical journey of helping to shape the nation’s future, to “expect your students to be winners; expect your students to be the best”.
Chief Executive Officer of E-Services Group International, Patrick Casserly, in giving the main address at the graduation, noted that the future of Jamaica rested in the education of its children.
“I believe that a nation is its people and the way you invest in your people is through education, so if you fail to invest in education then you are failing to invest in your nation,” Mr. Casserly stated.
Stressing that everybody in life needed an equal chance, which started with education, he called upon the graduates to help in the creation of a population that “can make reasonable decisions and rational choices”.