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The Hyacinth Williams Foundation for Children (HWFC) today (Sept. 24), launched a project valued at $16 million, at the Rousseau Primary School in Kingston.
The project includes the construction of a two storey, four classroom building; equipping the school’s special education centre with computers and literacy boosting software; giving a financial boost to the school’s performing arts programme; and establishing a homework programme for students’ literacy, by providing a safe and work-conducive environment for students to complete their homework. The construction is expected to begin during the next financial year.
Speaking on behalf of the Minister of Education, Andrew Holness, Senior Adviser to the Minister, Alphansus Davis, commended the foundation for the contributions that have been made to the development of the sector and reiterated that through partnership, the sector would be able to achieve its goals of ensuring that every child is educated.
“It is our strong belief that if we are to achieve maximum benefits from education, it has to be a collaborative effort. It has to be a partnership involving all stakeholders,” he said, at the launch, held at the institution’s premises in Kingston.
He pointed out that education’s undeniable importance to improving people’s lives, makes it a permanent factor in determining people’s advancement in a global economy, adding that “access to quality education represents one of the few sustainable means of rising against poverty, overcoming biases, and promoting equity.”
“It is our task, therefore, to ensure basic education for all. Basic education combats poverty by equipping people with the fundamental skills they need to participate effectively in their community and its economy. This can be achieved through a partnership that pools ideas to tackle the complex challenges facing our education system today,” he said.
“Partnerships,” he continued “are needed from the Diaspora, the academic communities, the industry, and Government. Basic education must be our first priority, and that is why I am pleased to see that the HWFC is focussing on primary education.”
He thanked the foundation for the work that it has done, and encouraged others to collaborate for the development of the sector.
In her remarks, Principal of Rousseau Primary School, Aldith McDaniel Jones, thanked the foundation for the contributions that they have made to the development of the school, adding that the project would assist tremendously with the enhancement of education.
She also noted that education is indeed a partnership which would be achieved if everyone worked in unison. The HWFC is a United States-based non-profit organisation, dedicated to assisting in the development of Jamaica’s educational system.