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Some 150 District Constables are to be recruited as part of efforts to strengthen community policing.

Minister of National Security, Hon. Robert Montague, explains that the recruitment will fill the vacancies being created by 150 District Constables who are now participating in training to join the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

Speaking in the House of Representatives on October 3, Mr. Montague said focus will be placed on recruiting persons who are 50 years and over.

“We believe that these persons who are over 50 are stable and well established in the community, and persons will engage them with information. We (will be) targeting the hotspots,” he noted.

The Minister said the District Constables will be deployed in their communities to enhance the relationship between citizens and the police.

The training of district constables is part of the move to drive effective policing, one of the five pillars of the crime-reduction strategy being implemented by the Ministry of National Security.

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