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Fifteen persons are slated to undergo Bed and Breakfast Home Stay (BBHS) Hospitality training at the Treasure Beach Hotel from November 10 to 11.
Patricia Patterson, Co-ordinator for the Bed and Breakfast Home Stay Programme at the Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo), told JIS News that the participants would receive 12 hours of training, with sessions beginning from 10:00 a.m. daily and concluding at 4:00 p.m.
She explained that the training in key areas such as food handler’s procedures, fire prevention and precautions, customer service and security alertness, was a prerequisite for approved applicants.
“We take the participants through what is tourism, so they get a clear understanding of what is required. We also do customer service and have a representative from the Jamaica Local Organising Committee, who talks cricket and how they can benefit from the Cricket World Cup,” she elaborated.
“We also stress the importance of their role in what we are doing, because without this programme, we may end up short on rooms for visitors to the Cricket World Cup,” the Co-ordinator added.
So far, some 90 persons from the parishes of Kingston, St. Andrew, St. Catherine, St. James, St. Ann, St. Mary, Portland and Trelawny have been trained. Miss Patterson said that training is expected to continue to meet the growing numbers of persons interested in the programme. “We expect to end up with 200 persons trained,” she informed. Next on the agenda, will be persons from Ocho Rios, as there are now a few more persons, who applied after the training was completed in that area. “We will have to also continue again in Kingston and St. Catherine,” she noted.
TPDCo has developed the framework to facilitate the expansion of the accommodation sub-sector through the BBHS programme, which refers to sleeping accommodation for at least one night with breakfast in a private home and with no more than four available bedrooms for compensation.
The primary purpose of the programme is to provide additional rooms for the tourism sector to accommodate the visitors for the ICC Cricket World Cup, which Jamaica will host between March and April of next year.

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