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Acting Director of Project Management and Technical Services at the Ministry of Education and Youth, Lauriston Wilson, has revealed that 1,300 students’ desks and chairs were expected to arrive in the island this weekend from Japan.
Speaking at a JIS Think Tank on Aug. 17, Mr. Wilson explained that the furniture were a special gift from the Harakawa City Board and would be distributed to schools across the island. “The former Ambassador to Tokyo had developed a relationship with the Harakawa City Board. They were changing out all of their furniture on a yearly basis and . they ask us if we wanted them,” he informed. Mr. Wilson assured that while the furniture were not new, they were of “very good quality and are in excellent condition”.
He noted further that it would have cost the government about $4 million to purchase the furniture “We only pay the shipping costs which is $2 million… it is value for money because the quality is good”, he sated.
The relationship between the Education Ministry and the Harakawa City Board dates back to 2001.