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Activities for Labour Day 2009 have moved into high gear in Western Jamaica, with approximately 123 projects registered to date, and expectations are that more registration forms for projects will be turned in over the next few days.
Checks with the Labour Day Planning Committees in the parishes of Trelawny, St. James, Hanover and Westmoreland, have revealed that there are 41 projects registered in Trelawny, 41 in St. James, 21 in Hanover and 20 in Westmoreland.
Reports from the Social Development Commission (SDC) offices in the four parishes are that a number of registration forms are expected to be turned in as Labour Day draws nearer.
The parish project in Trelawny is the cleaning and beautification of the Falmouth Cemetery; in St. James the parish project is the refurbishing of the parish Infirmary, with special emphasis on the male ward. For Hanover, the cleaning and beautification of the beaches along the Lucea waterfront is to receive special attention; while in Westmoreland, the parish project is the establishment of a leisure park in the Whitehouse area. Additionally, the fourth National Labour Day project, the resuscitation of the Blue Hole Nature Park, is also located in the parish of St. James.
Labour Day 2009 will be observed on May 25, under the theme: Volunteerism, Intervention, Beautification and Empowerment for Success (VIBES).
Speaking with JIS News, His Worship the Mayor of Montego Bay, Councillor Charles Sinclair Jnr., said that several of the projects registered in St. James have to do with beautification work.
“We need to ensure that our communities are kept in a clean and proper condition, kept in an orderly manner, so that the persons who live within these various communities can enjoy them and feel satisfied that their homes go beyond the boundaries of their actual premises, and it is really the community in which you live,” he said.
Citing the national project at the Blue Hole Nature Park, Mayor Sinclair said that the work to be carried out involves the cleaning of the property and the planting of trees. He added that the work, when completed, should go a very far way in enhancing the general area.
He said that the SDC is working alongside the Labour Day Planning Committee in that parish to mobilise persons in the various communities across the parish, to participate in activities on Labour Day.
“I am making a general plea to all the people of the parish of St. James to come out and participate in the parish project as well as the national project at Blue Hole, and also in respect to the various community projects,” the Mayor said.
For persons who choose to stay in their communities on Labour Day, the Mayor is requesting that they join with their community members, “and ensure that work is done within your own community to beautify your community, and I am encouraging all of us in St. James to Catch the Vibes.”

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