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A sum of $120.6 million has been allocated in the 2010/11 Estimates of Expenditure for the rehabilitation and maintenance of buildings being utilised by the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service.
As outlined in the Estimates, tabled in the House on March 25 by the Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Hon. Audley Shaw, $90.6 million has been set aside to cover the cost of the general upgrading of the physical plant of the Ministry.
Some $16 million has been provided to effect repairs in selected Revenue Centres, namely St. Andrew Revenue Service Centre ($4.5 million); May Pen Revenue Service Centre ($1 million); Montego Bay Revenue Service Centre ($1.5 million); High Intensity Team (TASD) ($2 million) and the Donald Sangster Building ($2 million).
The remaining $14 million will be used to upgrade and repair selected Collectorates, including St. Ann’s Bay, $2 million; Portmore, $4 million; and Chapelton, $3 million.

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