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A total of 12 projects have so far been registered with the Portland Labour Day Committee as preparations for the day get into high gear in the parish.
The projects, which include activities such as drain cleaning, bridge rehabilitation, road sign painting, community clean-up and beautification of public buildings, have been submitted by various communities including Balcarres, Rodney Hall, Bangor Ridge, Charles Town, Cascade and Scotts Run.
The Parish Labour Day project will be the rehabilitation of the Muirton Boys Home in Manchioneal, including repair of the farm, painting of the building, beautification of the compound, and a general tree planting exercise on the property.
The registration of projects is being carried out at the offices of the Portland Parish Council and the Social Development Commission in Port Antonio, and communities and organisations, which have not yet registered their Labour Day activity, are encouraged to do so as early as possible.
Speaking in an interview with JIS News, Mayor of Port Antonio and Chairman of the Portland Labour Day Committee, Councillor Floyd Patterson, said every effort is being made to ensure that Labour Day is a success in the parish.
He said he was heartened by the high level of enthusiasm from communities, noting that agencies such as the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA), Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), and the Portland branch of the Jamaica Red Cross, have expressed support.
Mr. Patterson said he is satisfied that the parish project is an appropriate choice. He said the scope of the work to be done will not only benefit the young boys at the home, but will also support the “Eat what we grow, grow what we eat” campaign.
Labour Day will be celebrated on May 24 under the theme: ‘Our them that we care’.

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