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Eleven new schools, which will provide 11,020 additional places, are slated for construction during the current fiscal year under the Ministry of Education’s New/Expansion School Programme.
According to a Ministry Paper tabled in the House last week by Minister of Education, Andrew Holness, nine of these are high schools, which will provide 9,760 places, while two primary schools will provide the remaining 1,260 places.
Construction work has already commenced on one high, and a primary school. However, work on the high school at Discovery Bay has been suspended, while the remaining nine institutions are at various stages of pre-contract work and tender processing, the paper outlines.
Under the Expansion of Schools component, 10 schools are to be expanded this year providing 2,450 additional places. Four of these are high schools, which will provide 810 places, and the rest – primary and junior high schools – will provide 1,640 places. Six of these institutions, according to the Ministry Paper, are currently at various stages of construction, with the remaining four to be put to tender shortly.
Meanwhile, construction of some 61 additional classrooms in nine schools, under the Proto-type/Traditional Type Construction Programme, is to be undertaken during the 2008/09 fiscal year. These represent the remainder of 128, which were earmarked for completion in approximately 27 schools during 2007/08, of which 67 of these were completed across 18 institutions at a cost of $76 million, and the rest carried over to this year.
Regarding the Maintenance/Rehabilitation Programme, the Ministry Paper indicated that 223 institutions were earmarked for renovation and repairs during the 2007/08 fiscal year. Of that amount, 146 contracts, valued $218 million, were awarded, from which 104 contracts were concluded at a cost of some $208 million. This left a balance of 42 contracts at varying stages of construction, which have been carried forward to the current fiscal year, and are expected to be completed by July.

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