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Scores of family members and friends, crowded the Hither Green Methodist Church, in London, United Kingdom (UK), on Thursday March 26, for a thanksgiving service for the life of 105 year-old Wilhelmina Morgan, who died on March 1 this year.
Mrs. Morgan was originally from Moravia, in Clarendon. She moved to the UK in 1966 to join her only daughter, Beryl.
In the many tributes paid to her by her daughter, grandchildren and friends, she was remembered for her strong belief in the power of education and her encouragement to her grand children to attend university.
Mrs. Morgan’s love of Jamaican culture was remembered and her grandchildren spoke of how glad they were that she passed on this love to her daughter and to them. She was also a keen reader who, because her maiden name was Shakespeare, saw it as her duty to read most of his works and her grand- children fondly remembered her quoting from Shakespeare on many occasions.
In an interview with JIS News at the time of her 100th Birthday in December 2003, Mrs. Morgan said one of her secrets for a long life was a bottle of stout every day.
“I go to church every Sunday, and I eat good food and I sleep in good bed and I drink the stout every day; that’s how I do it,” she said.
Mrs. Morgan said that the drink, along with the love and care of her large family, kept her vibrant and cheerful, despite not being in the best of health, following a Stroke two years earlier.
Although she was originally from Clarendon, Mrs. Morgan lived in Coleyville, Manchester, for 12 years during her first marriage to Joseph Tennant, where she was a farmer, growing mostly yam and ginger.
Following his death, she moved to Kingston and lived at Matthews Lane where she got a job to take care of a family. She moved back to Moravia in 1943, where she married Nathaniel Morgan. She returned to farming and migrated to England in 1966, following the death of her second husband.

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