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Member of Parliament for Western St. Thomas, James Roberston, has said that about 10,000 homes in western St. Thomas were lost or damaged during the passage of Hurricane Ivan.
Mr. Robertson, who spoke to JIS News recently, informed that about 1,000 homes were lost to land slippage, while 8,000 others suffered extensive and partial damage. He noted that persons who suffered minor damage have begun to effect repairs including replacing roofs.
“Although the damage is extensive and we were devastated, it could have been a lot worst if the hurricane had hit us directly,” he told JIS News.
The Member of Parliament said that homes at the foot of the hills leading to the Blue Mountains suffered the worst damage. “The roads have been eroded along with bridges and some persons are still locked into their communities,” he informed, noting that residents from about 20 districts in Trinityville have not been able to travel freely to get water and food supplies or seek medical attention.
Mr. Robertson informed further, that there were about 400 persons in shelters in the constituency and they were being assisted by the relief agencies including the Jamaica Red Cross.
Discussing the relief effort in his constituency, the opposition Member of Parliament said that he was allowed to spend “up to $200,000 in credit” but indicated that more money was needed to help the approximately 40,000 persons needing assistance.
“The people have been bearing up,” he noted, adding that the money had been used to give assistance to residents at the infirmary as well as the needy and elderly persons.

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