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A sum of $100 million has been provided for the Port Antonio Water Sewerage and Draining Project, in Portland in the 2009/10 Estimates of Expenditure, now before the House of Representatives.
The project seeks to rehabilitate and expand the water supply and distribution systems in Port Antonio; improve the existing drainage system; and introduce a new central waste water collection and treatment system in Port Antonio.
Originally slated to last from April 2006 to March 2009, the project has been further extended and will now end in December 2011.
Physical achievements of the project up to March 2009, include design field assessments being completed, as well as the completion of detailed drawings and tender documents. In addition, the procurement of bulk flow meters for the leakage control contract has been completed. Tendering evaluation is also in progress for stage one of the contract.
Other achievements include: preliminary pipeline works contract 90 per cent completed; prequalification for stage two completed; network model construction and simulation completed; leak protection and repair 80 per cent completed; preparation of digital maps completed; and zone metering 85 per cent completed.
For this year, it is expected that land will be procured at Turtle Crawle in the parish for the construction of a mechanical treatment plant.
The project is being funded by the European Economic Community and the Government of Jamaica.

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