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Refurbishing work is to be undertaken at the St. Mary’s Primary School in Malvern, St. Elizabeth, as the parish project on Labour Day (May 23).

Mayor of Black River, Councillor Everton Fisher, told JIS News that the citizens of the parish have, over the years, demonstrated community spirit and given their time for Labour Day activities.

He pointed out that this year, the cause of education will be the main focus, while work will also be carried out on scores of public facilities across St. Elizabeth.

“We are asking the citizens to participate. All 15 Councillors will be out there participating in their areas. Children are vulnerable to many issues in the society, and it is good that we choose the school for the Labour Day parish project. This is a good cause, and our effort will have a lasting impact on the parish, and the nation,” the Mayor said.

For his part, Councillor for the Malvern Division, where the school is located, Daren Powell, said the main work to be done at the school is to build partitions, as the entire space is open.

“When one teacher is teaching a class, another teacher can see and hear, and the noise distracts other students. I saw the need to change that, so the students can focus and learn,” he said.

Mr. Powell also noted that road patching, and the laying of pipelines will be done in the division on Labour Day, as residents volunteer their time for the development of their communities. Funding for the various projects is provided by businesses in the area; Member of Parliament, Richard Parchment; and the St. Elizabeth Parish Council.

Meanwhile, Principal of the school, Brent James, has welcomed the selection of the institution for the parish project, noting that the work done will solve a challenge to learning.

“We are very elated – staff and the community – regarding our school being selected as the parish project. The work to be undertaken will solve some of our challenges having to do with major distraction during teaching hours. The classes are divided by blackboards, so this makes teaching a little bit difficult,” he said.

“The project will see us having partitions. Having the classes more individualized will create a greater focus for our students, and enhance the teaching/learning process. We are appealing to all community members to come out and labour for the benefit of our students,” the Principal said.

The school has 116 students, and five teachers. It is also a temporary home for the St. Mary’s Early Childhood Institution, which has 27 students enrolled.

Activities will be carried out on Labour Day under the theme: ‘Lend a Hand…Build Our Land’.

Contact: Garfield L. Angus