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The Tavares Gardens Primary School in Kingston held its annual career day on May 15, with hundreds of students benefiting from information and advice to help them make wise choices towards their future profession.

The day included presentations from representatives of various agencies and institutions, including the Jamaica Information Service (JIS) on jobs in the media; Jamaican-German Automotive School (JAGAS) on mechanics and automotives; while teachers from the Haile Selassie High School spoke on cosmetology and welding. There was also a presentation on the arts and culture.

Guidance Counsellor at the school, Layton Shawn, said he was enthused at the interest of the students. He told JIS News that the purpose of career day is to expose the children to various professions.

“Over the years, I normally invite a doctor, police, soldier, etcetera, to speak to them; but I realize there are more professions than these traditional ones. So this year, I invited a cosmetologist, and I’m exposing them to the performing arts area, as well as media,” he informed.

Mr. Shaw said the method usually employed is to divide the students into groups based on their interests, “because they gain more that way. At the end of the day, everyone leaves and feels that they have learnt something.”

Public Relations Officer at the JIS, Rodger Hutchinson, who spoke on careers in the media, stressed the importance of the students having a full grasp of the English Language.

“You need English. It is very important and is one of your key subjects. It is important that you learn to read in English, write in English, and think in English,” he stated.

He also took them through the process of writing a print story, and making a television presentation.

The students and teachers were interested in finding out more about the JIS, including its roles and functions, as well as a bit of its history.

“We at JIS are like your teachers. We provide you with information. We promote the Government’s policies and programmes,” Mr. Hutchinson told them.


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