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Residents of Grants Pen in North East St. Andrew turned out in their numbers on Tuesday (May 23) to clean and beautify their community.

Activities included the painting of pedestrian crossings, cleaning of community spaces, patching of roads, and the repair of a culvert to prevent flooding.

Minister of Justice and Member of Parliament for the area, Hon. Delroy Chuck, lauded the initiative of the residents.

He told JIS News that the damage to the culvert “has been a constant source of problems, especially for motorists”.

He said that Grants Pen must remain a peaceful place that people can visit and drive through without fear. 

Mr. Chuck noted that a great deal of work has been done over the years to “lift the general appearance” of the area, including the removal of zinc fences.

A major part of the day’s activities included the cleaning and painting of the Grants Pen Police Station by community persons and members of the Grants Pen Police Youth Club.

Inspector of Police, Tyrone Archer, said he was pleased with the work undertaken.

He noted that the community “has been very supportive of the police over the years, and this is just a manifestation of the rapport that we have with the community”.

Residents of the Aylsham community also cleared bushes from the Hall Crescent park.

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