JIS News

The Government is to organise a special welcome reception for Jamaica’s athletes, on their return from the Olympics in Beijing, China.
Prime Minister Bruce Golding, who made the disclosure this morning (Aug, 20) at a press conference held at Jamaica House, said he will be announcing a special committee of about five or seven persons to be in charge of planning the reception.
Mr. Golding said that as part of its mandate, the committee will also be asked to identify a special way for the country to honour and memorialise the tremendous performance of the Olympians. He said the athletes have performed far beyond expectation and that this is a reminder of just how powerful and talented Jamaicans are and what we are capable of doing.
He said the Government will be ensuring that Asafa Powell will not be left out of the glory, as he was the one to break the 100M World Record to become the fastest man in the world. “We want to demonstrate that he still enjoys the love and admiration of the Jamaican people,” Mr. Golding said.
He said the historic performance of Jamaica’s athletes at the Olympics goes beyond just a sport event, as it has brought Jamaicans together once again and reminded us that not only are we one people, but also just how powerful we are and what we can achieve. “It is a moment that must not be lost. It is a moment that must be consolidated and invested for the long term good of Jamaica,” Mr. Golding said.
Prime Minister Golding, this morning personally congratulated Usain Bolt and Melaine Walker and said that he was impressed with the humility expressed by Melaine. “She took her victory in stride and it was almost as if she was grateful for the chance to do something for Jamaica,” Mr. Golding said. In congratulating her, he said Jamaica was even more grateful for what she had done by winning the final of the 400M hurdles.
Prime Minister Golding will chair the planning committee in the absence of Sports Minister Olivia Grange.