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In its quest to rid the streets of Trelawny of derelict vehicles, the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) has already removed 50 such vehicles.
Public Relations Officer of the NSWMA’s western region, Garth Holloway, in a report tabled at the monthly meeting of the Parish Council Thursday( April 9) stated that the drive, which started in December, 2008, is moving full speed ahead.
“A total of 50 derelict vehicles were removed as follows: six in Ulster Spring; one on the Wiltshire main road; one in Granville; four in Rock district; 10 in and around Falmouth Gardens; one in Salt Marsh; one on King Street; one on Lower Harbour Street; two in Daniel Town; four in Clarks Town; two in Martha Brae; seven in Davis Pen; and 10 in Wakefield,” he revealed.
He said that the drive will continue until the parish is free of derelict vehicles.
He also reported that about 35 vendors, identified along Falmouth Street and Lower Parade Street in Falmouth, were given verbal warning for prosecution, during a recent enforcement operation carried out by the agency.
He said that the vendors, and some business operators, were hampering the NSWMA’s efforts to keep Falmouth clean. He also appealed to residents to practice proper garbage storage and disposal, in the interest of environmental protection and good health.

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