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Head of the Constabulary Communications Network (CCN), Superintendent Ionie Ramsay, has said that reports of widespread looting in the country are totally incorrect.
In an interview with JIS News, the Superintendent stated that the security force was extremely effective in maintaining law and order during Hurricane Ivan, which was due in part to strategies previously “worked out”.
So far, there are only three cases of looting on record and in all cases the perpetrators involved were either arrested or in the custody of the police.
“There was a group of men who tried to loot a place in Montego Bay and all four of them were caught and arrested and there was another case where six persons went to a place in Trelawny, and all six were caught and are in custody,” she informed.
“There were several other attempts to loot other places but, they were foiled by the police and security guards,” the Superintendent told JIS News.
Superintendent Ramsay said that police officers have been strategically placed, so as to respond to calls of looting, as soon as possible.

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