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The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM) is advising persons who live close to the sea that you MUST move inland. Persons may contact the Parish Council offices for the shelters nearest to them. Persons MUST MOVE before nightfall.
Persons in small wooden houses and informal settlements should try to get to safe shelter with family, friends and or an emergency shelter.
Farmers should by now have moved livestock to higher ground and let them go. Tying animals increases the chance of injury.
Public shelters do not take pets so persons MUST make arrangements for their safety. If leaving them do not tie them but leave food and water.
Persons may take the following items to the shelter:
Extra Clothing
48 hour of supply of non-perishable items
Sanitary items
Infant necessities
Disposable cups, plates etc
Battery operated radio
First Aid Kit
The public is asked to continue to monitor the radio for further bulletins

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