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NCST Stages AI Seminar on October 26

By: , October 25, 2023
NCST Stages AI Seminar on October 26
Photo: Dave Reid
Executive Director, National Commission on Science and Technology (NCST), Dr. Olive-Jean Burrowes.

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Government scientists, academics and professionals across various industries are being encouraged to participate in the National Commission on Science and Technology’s (NCST) upcoming seminar on artificial intelligence (AI).

The October 26 hybrid event is titled ‘Revolutionising Industry through AI: Driving Innovation and Accelerating Growth’.

Interested persons can register at the Commission’s website at https://ncst.gov.jm/.

Executive Director, Dr. Olive-Jean Burrowes, said the information session intends to explore the transformative potential of AI in today’s rapidly evolving business landscape.

“In order for Jamaica to even be on the path to realising our Vision 2030, we need to be on board with this evolving marketplace to be able to compete in the global space. The utilisation of AI is seen as a very important tool in driving innovation and accelerating growth,” she said, noting that there are innovative AI solutions that can help Jamaican businesses gain a competitive edge.

The Commission has partnered with Google Cloud, a global leader in cloud-based AI solutions, and Star Apple AI, a local innovator, to host the event, which will involve presentations and panel discussions.

As part of its mandate to advance science, technology and innovation in Jamaica, the Commission is also seeking to foster collaborations among industry, academia and government scientists to integrate AI into the sectors.

“It can be used widely. We will be in a much stronger position if we can leverage AI to the full potential. A single seminar will not be enough to have a strong impact,” Dr. Burrowes said.

“So, the long-term plan is a series of seminars that will hopefully lead to pilot projects that can demonstrate the effectiveness of AI. Hopefully, companies in the private and public sectors and researchers and other businesses will get on board with using AI as a routine,” she added.

Last Updated: October 25, 2023

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