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Matron of the St James Infirmary, Jaqueline Wilson, says every precaution is being taken to ensure the health and safety of residents amid the COVID-19 outbreak in Jamaica.

“Staff members are being sanitised at the gate upon arrival. They are taken to the ward and are placed in their gowns, masks, all their protective gear,” she said at a recent Disaster Preparedness, Hazard Mitigation and Safety Committee meeting at the St. James Municipal Corporation in Montego Bay.

Ms. Wilson noted that contact between staff and residents is being limited to mitigate potential exposure to the virus.

Additionally, she said that the diet of residents now includes additional nutritious food and juices to help boost their immune system.

“Also, where patients are required to visit the hospital and those that have scheduled visits at the clinic, special arrangements have been made. Patients will now go to the St. James Type Five Health Centre and they will be seen in the ambulance by a doctor. This will also limit contact with other persons,” Ms. Wilson noted.

“So presently, the infirmary is protected. Staff members and residents are educated, and measures are being taken by each individual to protect these residents,” she assured.

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