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Minister of Labour and Social Security, Pearnel Charles, has said that the Ministry is in the preparatory stages of setting up a remedial reading unit to assist labourers, who are unable to read. Mr. Charles, who made the announcement at a recent meeting with the Labour Advisory Council at his North Street office, said that he has been in contact with a high school principal to head the programme, and “very early we will announce the developments.”
“We are going to set up something in the Ministry that will teach a man to read,” he emphasized. The move is in keeping with the thrust by government to provide education and training for skilled workers.
Citing a Social and Economic Survey report, which revealed that 76 per cent of the workforce is untrained, Mr. Charles said, “training and employment will contribute to the new motto of this Minister, moving from settling disputes only to developing the minds of our people, developing a man that he can take care of his family and can feel comfortable in his country.” He called on the trade unions and employers to cooperate in this initiative.
Mr. Charles said that the remedial reading programme will operate as a pilot and will likely be funded from the money raised from the issuing of work permits.

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