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The Judiciary has committed to rectifying possible discrepancies on the Traffic Ticket Management System (TTMS).

Several persons have indicated that they have paid the fines for their traffic tickets and that the tickets remain on the TTMS.

In a recent release from the Division, Director of Client Services, Communications and Information, Mrs. Kadiesh Fletcher, said the Division will be working swiftly to address the issues, particularly in circumstances where persons paid for their traffic tickets at Court Offices across the island.

“Persons who are still in possession of their receipts are asked to send copies of those receipts to The information on the receipt will go through a verification process and upon satisfactory completion of same, the TTMS will be updated to reflect the payment, with an indication that the matter was disposed of,” she said.

Persons who are no longer in possession of their receipts and asked to email their names, TRNs, and where available, the month and year the ticket was paid for. Internal checks will be made and once the information is found, the TTMS will be updated to reflect same.

For further information, persons may also contact the Court Administration Division at 876-754-8337.

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