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Health and Safety

The new school year has begun. With most of the associated preparation activities completed, parents and guardians should take additional steps to ensure the health and safety of their children.

The Government of Jamaica (GOJ) has provided the following health and safety guidelines to help contribute to a successful school year:


1. Most schools require that a medical examination or check-up be done for new students. However, even if a child is a returning student, it is advisable to organise a medical check-up to ensure he or she is in good health.
2. Ensure that children are fully immunised and that their immunisation records are up-to-date.
3. Where possible, provide healthy meals, consisting of foods from all essential food groups for lunches and snacks. Teach children who purchase lunches at school to make smart meal choices.
4. Encourage participation in physical education classes and extra-curricular sporting activities.
5. Encourage children to join school clubs that align with their interests. This can contribute to the mental well-being of children and help them develop and strengthen social skills.


1. Teach young children what to do in the event they get lost. Equip them with information, such as their name; their address; parent(s)/ guardian(s) name(s) and telephone number(s). Ensure that they are able to recall these details in such situations.
2. Make children and the school office aware of any changes in after-school pick up plans.
3. Teach children to use roadways properly by observing traffic signs and markings, such as pedestrian crossings.
4. Where possible, encourage children who take public transportation to travel in groups, or with schoolmates who live in the same area as they do.
5. Emphasise to children that they must leave school promptly at dismissal or after extra- curricular activities. Set and agree upon a time by which they should arrive home.

For further information, contact:
Ministry of Education, Youth, and Information
2-4 National Heroes Circle
Kingston 4
Tel: 876- 922-1400-19
Fax: 876- 948-9132

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