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Health care services at the Fair Prospect Health Centre in Portland has been enhanced with the presentation of an automatic sterilizer to that facility by the ‘Friends’ of East Portland, a group of Portlanders residing in the United Kingdom.
The sterilizer, which is valued at approximately $200,000, was handed over during a presentation function held at the clinic on Friday, September 21.
This donation is the latest in a series of philanthropic gestures made to the Fair Prospect community by the ‘Friends’, who had previously handed over computers to the Fair Prospect Primary School, and blood sugar testing machines to the clinic.
Making the presentation, George Kelly, President of the ‘Friends’, said the organization was happy to be able to assist the clinic to carry out its responsibility of providing health care for the community.
He said members of the organization were always mindful of the need to play their part to foster the process of community development in the area, and gave the assurance that they would always be willing to work with the residents to promote social and economic development.
Accepting the gift, Dr. Wohamma Marante, Medical Officer at the clinic, thanked the ‘Friends’ for the gift and gave an assurance that it would be taken care of, and used to the maximum benefit of the public.
Reverend Ray Johnson, President of the Priestman’s River Benevolent Society, lauded the ‘Friends’ of East Portland for the contribution they were making to the development of the Fair Prospect community.
The procurement of the sterilizer was made possible as a result of the close collaboration between the ‘Friends’ and the Priestman’s River Benevolent Society, of which the community of Fair Prospect is a part.