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The Office of National Reconstruction (ONR) has established a Jamaica Hurricane Reconstruction Fund and members of the public wishing to make contributions can do so at the major banking institutions across the island.
The institutions and account numbers are as follows:National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited A/C 30-1014775Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Limited A/C 90-5990First Caribbean International Bank A/C 1001189009 RBTT Bank Jamaica Limited A/C 0341010075140 Citibank N.A A/C 5022379668 First Global Bank Limited A/C 2003994Dehring Bunting and Golding Merchant Bank A/C 01L5N562686Pan Caribbean Merchant Bank A/C 21100444450009M F&G Trust and Finance Limited to A/C 015 21-300524-00Capital and Credit Merchant Bank Limited A/C 106002. Chief Executive Officer of the ONR, Danville Walker, speaking at a press briefing held at Jamaica House in Kingston today Friday (Sept.17), said the hurricane relief effort would require the support of every Jamaican including those in the Diaspora as well as all persons “who consider Jamaica as a friend and a partner.”
Furthermore he assured persons that all efforts would be made to maintain “faith in the fund and the organization that seeks to manage and disburse it.”
“We have a national effort that we have to make and we are not going to fail in this task,” he affirmed.
The ONR was recently established to lead the country’s recovery and reconstruction efforts in the wake of Hurricane Ivan and is equipped with 10 terms of reference, which stipulate the body’s duties.

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