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Young persons are being encouraged to get involved in the agricultural sector, as wealth can be created from this action.
Acting Deputy Parish Manager for the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), in Manchester, Mr. Martin Lawrence, made the call at a World Food Day ceremony, at Cross Keys High School, in Manchester, on October 14.
“We at RADA have embarked on an extensive marketing programme to ensure that our farmers can benefit from the markets that are out there for the crops that they have toiled so hard to produce. We invite you as young people to assist with this process. You can become someone heavily involved in agricultural marketing, in agricultural finance, you can create wealth through agriculture,” he said.
He said that the thrust towards agriculture and nation building must be encouraged, if Jamaica is to take its place internationally, and “live up to the potential to become a wealthy nation through agriculture.”
The Deputy Parish Manager said that in addition to providing food for the family and nation, agriculture can provide employment for the young people.
He pointed out that young entrepreneurs and young farmers are taking cottage industries to another level and that “although we are talking about food creation, we can make food available to create wealth, not only through normal farming, but also through the other aspects that are associated with farming like agricultural marketing”.
He said that Jamaicans, over the years, have invested heavily in the main stream of production, not only in agriculture but also in the industries that surround agriculture.
Mr. Lawrence implored the students to commit themselves to those who toiled the soil before. “We have to empower ourselves as young strong Jamaicans to create a nation capable of providing for ourselves,” he stressed.
Meanwhile, member of the Cocoa Walk Farmers Association, Mr. Hudlyn Pitter, encouraged the students to get involved in agriculture, by starting a backyard garden at home or at school.

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