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More than 5,000 males are expected to assemble at the National Indoor Sports Complex on June 27 for the launch of the ‘Real Men Campaign,’ which is being spearheaded by the National Steering Committee on Values and Attitudes.
Robert Scott, member of the Committee told JIS News that, “we are going to be bussing in 2,500 youth between first and third forms then we will be targeting 2,500 men, so that the youngsters will have in their presence.individuals of influence, correct living and values that they can speak with, learn from and emulate.”
Mr. Scott explained that the Committee is committed to launching such a campaign as “a lot of the problems we have in the society are directly attributed to males and their actions.” He added that “the prisons are overcrowded with men and the indiscipline we face on the streets is largely perpetuated by men, so we feel that if we are going to do something, let’s focus on where it will have the most impact.”
He informed that the Committee has placed special emphasis on the young males in first and third forms, as they are most vulnerable, since they are constantly grappling with the task of making decisions. “If we give them the positive messages, the positive values, it may just change a few of them from going (down) the wrong path,” he told JIS News.
Georgia Scott, another member of the Committee, noted that the messages of the campaign will be focused on four main areas: tolerance, conflict resolution, forgiveness and the principles of life, and living.
Additionally, the campaign seeks to send the message that “men of Jamaica. you have a responsibility to guide these young men that are coming after you . there are men that are coming up that need to see the example that you have to set,” she said.
She pointed out that, “we will have people in the society with positive messages. We will look to our athletes, sportsmen, business people, as well as average people who have triumphed over their circumstances.”
According to Mrs. Scott, another objective of the campaign is to bridge the gap between the generations. She asserted that, “we are creating a reconnection . because part of our problem is that there is a disconnection with our young people and the older generation.”
In the meantime, Mr. Scott said that, “this launch is really about empowerment.the message we want to send is that things are better, can be better and we want to empower you.”
It is the vision of the campaign, he said, to stimulate discussions in the society that will bring about a benchmark for who or what defines a “real man,” which he defined as one “who respects women, respects his children and above all respects life.”
In an effort to achieve the objectives of the campaign, the Committee along with various service clubs and non-government organizations will focus on spreading the messages throughout the nation. After the launch the committee will be working with a number of the communities and will place special emphasis on schools.
While the focus of the campaign is primarily on males, it also seeks the support of females in achieving its goals. In addition, it is the vision of the Committee to exceed the number of 5,000 males, participating at the launch.
The National Steering Committee on Values and Attitudes was launched in 1994 with the aim of promoting social renewal and better values and attitudes in the country to halt indiscipline, incivility, and violence.

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