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USF Instals Wi-Fi Facilities in Manchester Communities

By: , September 29, 2023
USF Instals Wi-Fi Facilities in Manchester Communities
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Stakeholders participate in the recent commissioning of a community Wi-Fi facility that was installed in Harmons Valley, Manchester, by the Universal Service Fund (USF). From left are President, Youth Sub-Committee, Parish Development Committee, Nicardo Miller; Councillor, Porus Division, Manchester, Claudia Morant-Baker; Marketing and Public Relations Manager, USF, Oraine Wallace; Member of Parliament, Manchester South, Robert Chin; community member, Pusey Hill, Creigh Pitter; Parish Manager, Social Development Commission, Manchester, Beverley Booths, and Elder, Harmons Valley Seventh-day Adventist Church, Tyrone Gregory.

The Full Story

Residents of Pusey Hill and Harmons Valley in Manchester now have free and unlimited access to digital connectivity following the installation of shared Wi-Fi facilities by the Universal Service Fund (USF).

The amenities were provided under the USF’s Community Wi-Fi Initiative, which aims to bridge Jamaica’s digital divide.

The service facilities in both communities were commissioned during recent launch ceremonies.

Among the attendees was the Member of Parliament (MP) for Manchester South, Robert Chin, who recommended the areas to the USF.

In his address at Pusey Hill, he reiterated that access to the Internet is a necessity in Jamaica and should no longer be considered a luxury.

Mr. Chin said the community’s Wi-Fi launch “signifies a crucial step towards digital equity and economic growth for the residents”.

He expressed similar sentiments at the Harmons Valley commissioning ceremony.

For his part, USF Marketing and Public Relations Manager, Oraine Wallace, underscored the organisation’s dedication to closing the digital gap across Jamaica.

“The USF is committed to ensuring that every Jamaican, regardless of their location, has access to affordable and reliable Internet. By providing free Wi-Fi in underserved communities, the USF is empowering residents to engage in online learning, access government services, seek employment opportunities, and grow local businesses,” he said.

Mr. Wallace advised that the USF intends to expand the Wi-Fi initiative programme to reach more communities across Jamaica.

This, he said, as the entity seeks to actualise its vision of transforming the country into a digitally inclusive nation, where all Jamaicans can harness the transformative power of technology for personal and economic advancement.

Last Updated: October 2, 2023

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