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Five containers will be loaded this week with approximately 7,000 used lead acid batteries at the Automotive Power Limited Depot on Arlington Road in Kingston for shipment next week to Trinidad and Tobago.
This will mark the first shipment of batteries collected under the Used Lead Acid Battery (ULAB) Project, which was launched some three months ago and will end in November.
Acting General Manager of Automotive Power Limited, Phillip Green told JIS News that the shipment would be the first in what would be weekly shipments of used lead acid batteries.
In fact, another five containers are expected to be loaded next week to be shipped off the following week. “We plan to ship 15 to 20 containers of batteries in the short term,” he pointed out.
In the meantime, Mr. Green is encouraging persons to bring in batteries to the Automotive Power depot as well as other designated outlets. Persons may call the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) hotline at 754-5949 to locate the nearest depot.
For those persons with a pile-up of batteries, the depot would pick them up once contacted, he said. He also said that Automotive Power Limited recently signed an agreement with the NSWMA and the Ministry of Land and Environment to share in the pick up of batteries in designated areas.
There are an estimated one million used lead acid batteries either stored, discarded or being smelted across the island.

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