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    Mayor of Black River, Councillor Derrick Sangster, says that funds have been allocated to construct a new administrative block at the St. Elizabeth Infirmary.

    “We will be starting (the work) in short order. After that is completed, the grounds of the infirmary will be complete in terms of appearance and functionality,” he said in a recent interview with JIS News.

    Mayor Sangster commended the staff of the infirmary for maintaining the standards of operation despite the need for additional space.

    “The infirmary has been able to maintain a very high standard in terms of its appearance and delivery of care to the patients that are there. One of the main reasons for this is [the] matron, who has been able to maintain a very high standard in terms of the appearance of the infirmary, the cleanliness of the wards and motivation of the staff,” he noted.

    The Mayor said that the St. Elizabeth Municipal Corporation has always tried to maintain the facility in good physical condition, noting that the wards are in a good state, and the dining and kitchen areas were recently refurbished.

    Additionally, he shared that 10 black drums with a pumping system were installed at the infirmary to ensure that the water supply remains uninterrupted.

    The St. Elizabeth Infirmary, located in Santa Cruz, is more than 100 years old and has both male and female residents.

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