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Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Audley Shaw has said that he is very pleased with the Reform of Secondary Education (ROSE) project, being implemented at the Green Park School in Clarendon.
He also lauded the Programme of Advancement Through Health and Education (PATH), being administered at the Sandy Bay health centre in the parish.
The Minister, who toured the institutions on January 29 with World Bank Vice President for the Caribbean and Latin America, Pamela Cox, said he wished to see similar successes in other communities. Mr. Shaw told JIS News that when the management of the international lending agencies, such as the World Bank, see first hand how the programmes in which they are involved, are uplifting the lives of people, they would be more eager to respond to Government’s requests.
“They come with strict prudence to cut waste, so that we can have more money to support the ROSE and PATH programmes. I am engaging them to access cheaper money that they have, and at the end we will see other ventures being successful as we tackle the problems in education and provide good governance for the people of this country,” the Minister said.
He had high praises for the Principal and teachers at the school, emphasizing that while the Government is providing funding for the various projects, the leadership at the institutions must be committed to implementing the programmes.
“The quality of leadership being provided by the principal and his team is remarkable. This is what the transformation of education is all about. And, the care being provided at the health centre is just the type that we want to see throughout Jamaica,” the Minister said.
Meanwhile, the Vice President told JIS News that the statistics have shown that the programmes are very successful in Jamaica. “They keep children in schools and help parents to take their children to the health clinics. Latin and Central America have done well with their model, and I am glad to see the children here and to observe the progress of the projects first hand,” she said.

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