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The Senate has approved the Ministerial and Parliamentary Functions (Phyllis Mae Mitchell) Validation and Indemnity Act, validating the official acts performed by Mrs. Mitchell and to regularise her tenure as Minister of State in the Ministry of Education and Culture.
Leader of Government Business in the Senate, Senator A.J. Nicholson, who piloted the Bill yesterday (June 16), explained that the Bill sought to validate the emoluments paid to Mrs. Mitchell during her tenure as Member of Parliament from December 18, 1997 to June 29, 2001.
He pointed out that the Supreme Court delivered a judgement to the effect that Abraham Dabdoub, Jamaica Labour Party candidate, was duly elected to the seat representing the constituency of North East St. Catherine in the general elections held December 18, 1997, instead of Mrs. Mitchell.
“Consequent on the decision of the court, and acting on the advice of the Attorney General’s Chambers, the Cabinet approved the proposal to have an Act of validation and indemnity passed to ratify the acts done and the appointments made by Mrs. Mitchell during her tenure in office, and to indemnify any person who may have incurred any liability,” Senator Nicholson said.
He informed that Mrs. Mitchell was appointed Minister of State in the Ministry of Education and Culture on January 6, 1998, “and in exercise of her powers as Minister of State, Mrs. Mitchell made certain appointments and took certain actions in the normal course of carrying out her duties as Minister of State.”
The Bill also sought to ensure that Mrs. Mitchell’s tenure as Minister of State will be deemed service eligible for pension purposes.

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