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Social development will be further boosted with an allocation of $200 million to the Social Development Commission, as outlined in the 2008/09 Estimates of Expenditure, now before the House of Representatives.
The Social Development Commission is charged with creating and deepening mechanisms for the involvement of civil society in the management of their affairs at the community and national level.
This will be achieved through institutional capacity building, which includes the development of staff supported by an up-to-date information technology framework and public relations campaign to build awareness of its activities.
Involvement will also be ensured through a community database. Research will be undertaken to revise and update the community database to provide quantitative and qualitative socio-economic profiles on 785 communities across Jamaica. Upon completion, this will be accessible to ministries, departments and agencies, the private sector, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders for intervention at the community level. A Geographic Information System platform will also be developed to provide for evidence based planning at the community and national levels.
Government structures will also be strengthened in order to promote and facilitate dialogue for community and parish development.
Projections for the upcoming fiscal year include the assessment and strengthening of Community Based Organisations (CBOs), Community Development Committees (CDCs), Development Area Committees (DACs), and Parish Development Committees (PDCs); development and publishing of a Reformed System of Governance Manual and process charts; the engagement of local and national partners to undertake a ‘Best Community’ competition.
Also expected for the financial year are the completion of 80 per cent of community profiles, updated on the database and distributed to communities; facilitation of broad based partnerships at the community and parish levels; facilitation of a national community cricket competition; execution of community based projects and undertake impact assessments.
Computer and related equipment will also be purchased in order to establish a fully functional information technology framework. Office furniture and equipment as well as motor vehicles will also be bought.

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