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Registration for the Government of Jamaica (GOJ) Health Card begins today (September 1), at all public hospitals and health centres across the island.
The card is another of the Government’s thrusts to ensure easier access to health care and drugs, since the abolition of user fees in public sector health facilities last year.
The card will allow persons from public health facilities ease of access to medications on the Vital Essential and Necessary (VEN) drug list at no cost. The service will be available at public sector pharmacies and some private pharmacies.
All Jamaican residents are eligible to register for the card, which will be a requirement for all persons who seek to access drugs under the Government’s free health care plan as of February 1, 2010.
Persons will be required to take their Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN) cards to a hospital or health centre along with information on their current address. The health card will then be mailed out to applicants within two weeks of registration.
Jamaicans can present the GOJ Health Card along with their prescriptions to the pharmacist at any public sector pharmacy or participating pharmacies with the ‘GOJ Health Card accepted here’ sign.
The Ministry of Health is encouraging everyone to get the GOJ Health Card now and help with a smooth transition to the new and improved system.

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